Safety with Oils

Essential oils are oil-soluble, not water-soluble

Oil and water do not mix. If for example an oil gets into a cut it will burn, do not try to wash it out, this will only make it worse. If the affects of any oils are beginning to burn or cause pain, then find a carrier oil such as Vegetable, Canola, Olive Oil, or you can use milk. Splash the affected area for 15 minutes.

In my tests and trials, I have found some superior carrier oils such as these: I like Olive Oils for internal use and I use Argan or Jojoba for the hair and skin.


Sensitive Areas – This would seem like something you shouldn’t have to discuss but I will, because I have found out the hard way, that some oils will work amazing on some places while wreaking havoc on other places.   Please take extreme care. 


Take the time to learn about each oil.  Depending on whom you choose to purchase your oil from they should have a safety guide.  

If you decide to join our team and you buy from young living here is YL safety guide.


Just a few more things to watch for:  Take Care and always dilute oils for children and the elderly, use extreme caution during pregnancy, while breast feeding, and always consult a doctor.   Oils should be stored in glass, out of light and at cool temperatures.   Many oils can burn, be sensitive to light, stain the skin, and cause immense pain.   Please take the time and safety precautions needed while using essential oils.