Join our Team – Launching April 2015

One random, cold day, a friend of ours was telling us about her swollen feet.  After a few odd looks and some jokes later, another friend brought out some of her essential oils and rubbed the sore little piggies.  One by one, our group of friends, who first laughed at the idea of essential oils, have been converted to the immense power of these amazing gems.

So with that first bite, our insatiable appetite for essential oils was born.  It took us years to finally find what oils worked the best for our families and our pets. Then we had our friends try recipes and then their friends and pets and more and more. We have added all of our recipes together to help others find their appetite.

We tried many different providers of oils. Ironically all of our original group of friends ended up using the same supplier.  Although we all decided that Young Living Essential Oils were the best around; we respect anyone who choses to use their own tried and true supplier. We wish to see many more enjoy the benefits of essential oils no matter where or who they purchase them from.   In our recipes, we refer to YL Products and Oils. We tried many different suppliers but found Young Living Essential Oils to work the best for us and our families. Each is free to test & choose their own.

If you decide that the oil lifestyle is something that you wish to live, please join our team as an YL Independent Distributor.  Our goal is to start April 1st of 2015 and share our knowledge with as many who will listen. We do not want to sway one way or another. We just want to share the way of life that we value.

Essential Oils have been a way of life for me and my group of friends for years now.  We have passed back and forth recipes, tricks, and our own blends so many times that I find myself rediscovering new solutions.   We decided to put together a small site that would have the things we swear by and help us avoid recipes that have not been helpful to us.

It is Very important to remember that All Statements are not evaluated by FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure.

If you would like to JOIN OUR TEAM or just try some RECIPES, we welcome you!

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